Limited call for proposals for beamtime

A limited call for user proposals will open on December 13, 2016 and close on January 16, 2017. This call is for proposals requesting beam time at the BioMAX and NanoMAX beamlines in the scientific areas Structural Biology and Nano Sciences.

Beam time will be allocated from April to late June/beginning of July 2017. As the MAX IV Laboratory 3 GeV ring and the beamlines will only be partially commissioned, only a limited amount of beam time will be available for this user call and only a limited number of proposals will be accepted. Only normal proposals will be accepted, we are not yet open for BAG/BLOCK proposals.

BioMAX and NanoMAX are still under development with only part of the experimental capabilities being available yet. The present call is limited to experiments that are feasible with the capabilities expected to be available from April 2017. Detailed information on these expected capabilities of BioMAX and NanoMAX can be found at the beamline pages here and here. These pages will be updated regularly until  January 15. Please do not hesitate to contact the beamline teams to discuss whether your experiments are feasible during this period.

Proposals as well as sample declarations must be submitted through our DUO-system. The proposals will be reviewed for technical feasibility and safety by MAX IV staff while scientific excellence will be assessed by our Programme Advisory Committee (PAC).  A decision will be taken at the end of February 2017 and communicated at the beginning of March 2017.

MAX IV -Calls for Proposals- table

Call Deadline
Call DetailsBeamlinesScience areasCall status
Monday 16
January 2017
CET 23:59:59
Limited callBioMAX
Structural biology
Nano science
Monday 1
August 2016

First commissioning
users accepted.