Accessing experimental data

Experimental data are synchronized to MAX IV offline storage systems where they are stored for the retention period of 6 months and available to users.

External access to MAX IV experimental data is available via the following methods:

  • Globus connect: collection name=“MAX IV Laboratory”, legacy name=“maxiv#dts” (recommended method)
  • SFTP: Connect to, standard port 22 (two factor authentication needed)
  • directly available at LUNARC – Lund University computing center, as /projects/maxiv


BioMAX have detailed documentation for using Globus and SFTP . It is applicable to all beamlines and users.

Shell access

Login to some of the data processing resources at MAX IV is possible while the proposal is active. Please see the documentation for connecting to MAX IV using VPN.

MAX IV is continuously extending its storage capacity and scientific data retention period. DataStaMP web may provide more information about such ongoing activities.



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