The overall criteria is that the commissioning experts and the suggested commissioning experiment(s) significantly contribute to testing and furthering of the technical capabilities and the functionality of the beamline.

Specifically, the researchers coming to MAX IV Laboratory must:

  • Have extensive expertise and experience with issues of importance for developing and utilizing the experimental equipment and/or methods and procedures being commissioned at the beamline.
  • Preferably contribute with expertize and competence not already present in the beamline group or at MAX IV Laboratory.
  • Accept that the commissioning of the beamline capabilities has preference over conducting the specific experiments that the researchers may have suggested.
  • Accept that scheduling and rescheduling may occur with short notice.


The suggested commissioning experiment(s) must:

  • Be of a nature that facilitate testing and furthering of the beamline instrumentation and capabilities. Whereas scientific excellence of the proposed experiment is regarded as a plus, it is not a necessary requirement of a commissioning experiment.
  • Comply with MAX IV Laboratory safety and other regulations. No hazardous or risk associated experiments will be approved yet.