NanoMAX is the Hard X-ray Nanoprobe of MAX IV. For a more detailed description of the beamline and updated status information, see the NanoMAX webpages.

In the spring of 2016, the insertion device and part of the beamline optics were installed and commissioning was started. During autumn 2016, the following equipment will be installed and commissioned:

  • KB mirror system
  • Sample goniometer (2-circles)
  • Sample scanner for 2D mapping
  • Fluorescence detectors (3-elements Ge detector and 1-element Si-drift detector)
  • Scanning acquisition schemes with synchronization of signal at the 1-ms timescale
  • Data processing software

The photon energy available at NanoMAX during any commissioning experiment autumn 2016 is likely to be limited to a fixed value in a range of [8—12] keV. Samples will be measured in air, or in a He environment.

Expertise and experience relevant to the following issues are of particular importance for NanoMAX commissioning during autumn 2016:

  • Scanning fluorescence microscopy
  • Characterization of wave-front (focused and non-focused X-ray beam)
  • Scanning imaging methods based on inverse microscopy
  • Special sample environments adapted / optimized for nano-beam experiments