HIPPIE is a beamline for Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy. For a more detailed description of the beamline and updated status information, see the Hippie webpages.


The majority of the beamline vacuum components and part of the optical components (M4 mirror, PG monochromator, and exit slits) are installed and under vacuum. During summer 2016 all remaining optical components (M1, M2, M3, and PG) as well as the insertion device will be installed. During Sep-Oct 2016 initial commissioning of the ID and the beamline will take place, so a limited number of photon energies in the range 260 eV – 1500 eV with horizontal polarization will be available in autumn 2016. The end station will be installed and commissioning will start in the autumn both for conventional UHV preparation and XPS measurements on standard 4-axis manipulators (heating up to few hundred °C, cooling with water) as well as for APXPS with an ambient pressure (AP) cell for up to a few mbar (heating up to few hundred °C, gas dosing line with dosage of a single gas). As part of this, a control system that allows operation of most of the basic functionality on the end station will be installed and commissioned.

Expertise and experience relevant to the following issues are of particular importance for the HIPPIE commissioning:

  • Synchrotron-based XPS
  • Ambient Pressure XPS
  • Catalysis, gas-solid interfaces at ambient conditions.