BioMAX is the first protein crystallography beamline at MAX IV to come on-line. For a more detailed description of the beamline and updated status information, see the BioMAX webpages.

In the spring 2016, the MD3 micro-diffractometer was installed and commissioned while during the Autumn 2016, the Eiger 16 M detector was installed. The installation of the sample changer ISARA is planned druing January 2017 with subsequent commissioning during the spring. During the initial period the beamline will have a limited energy range between 12 and 15 keV. Furthermore, we will startup the operation with only a moderate photon flux enabling exposure times of < 0.3 s /frame. The beam shaping will be done using apertures of variable sizes between 5-100 micrometer. The ISARA sample changer will not be operational before Summer 2017. The beamline will operate with a minimal MXCuBE v3 graphical user interface where functionality will be added during this period. A computer and IT environment will be set up for initial data processing

As the beamline is still under development, we will not be able to address the following experiments during the period of this call:

  • Screening of large sample ensembles using the sample robot
  • MAD experiments


Proposals for beamtime can be submitted through our DUO system before January 15, 2017