The MAX IV Laboratory is welcoming the submission of proposals for experiments, starting in the autumn of 2016, to help in the 2nd stage commissioning of the Balder, BioMAX, Hippie and NanoMAX beamlines. These experiments and the resulting participation of experienced researchers in the beamline commissioning is intended to optimize the commissioning process and secure the best possible performance of the beamlines when starting to accept general users in 2017.

As these commissioning experiments will be solely for testing and to further develop the technical capabilities of the new beamlines, please note that:

  • Extensive experience and expertise with the methods at the beamline are requested of the researchers (“commission experts”) coming to MAX IV to participate in these experiments, cf. the evaluation criteria.
  • MAX IV cannot guarantee the full functionality of these beamlines.
  • The beamtime scheduling for these commissioning proposals might be on very short notice.
  • The time allocated to an accepted proposal depends on the technical performances achieved by the beamline and the specific needs of the beamline at the time of the experiment.
  • Beamtime might be cancelled or rescheduled on short notice.
  • Only a limited amount of beamtime for commissioning experiments is available.
  • The quality of scientific data coming from these experiments cannot be guaranteed.
  • Error finding, long waiting times and non-smooth operation must be expected to be part of the beamtime.
  • We cannot accommodate hazardous or risk associated experiments yet.


Publication of obtained results as well as reference to all data etc. obtained as part of a commissioning experiment must comply with MAX IV Laboratory regulations for peer reviewed proposals.

The deadline for proposal submission was August 1, 2016.