Primary beamline contact: Johan Adell

Available forTechnique description
General UsersHigh-resolution angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES), using deflection based analyzer or 6-axis manipulator.
General UsersLinear vertical or horizontal polarised light from EPU, with energy range 10-1000eV (peak flux and resolution 15-200eV).
General UsersOnline Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), 50K - 300K.


Primary beamline contact: Konstantin Klementiev and Kajsa Sigfridsson Clauss

Available forTechnique description
General UsersX-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XANES and EXAFS) in transmission, continuous scanning down to 30 sec/EXAFS
General UsersX-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XANES and EXAFS) in fluorescence with 7 element SDD, continuous scanning down to 30 sec/EXAFS
Commissioning expertsX-ray Emission Spectroscopy (XES), expert mode with limited angular range (~Cu Kα), contact BL staff for further details.


Primary beamline contact: Uwe Müller

Available forTechnique description
General UsersData collection at fixed energy between 6 and 19.5 keV, detector distance between 126 and 900 mm, beam focus of 20x5 microns or 50x50 microns and defining aperture of 5, 10, 20 or 50 microns
General UsersAutomated sample mounting and dismounting from UniPucks, 29 puck positions in dewar
General UsersSample temperature 100 K; room temperature with or without humidity control available for manual mounting only
General UsersNon-optimized SAD experiments (above absorption edge)
General UsersAutomated data integration, scaling and merging. Offline remote access for manual data processsing.
General UsersSX experiments using HVE-injector (High viscosity extrusion injector), fixed target scan using the MD3
General UsersElement identification by X-ray Fluorescence
General UsersRemote data collection Under development. Please contact beamline manager; training required.


Primary beamline contact: Tomás Plivelic

Available forTechnique description
Commissioning experts


Primary beamline contact: Antti Kivimäki

Available forTechnique description
General UsersHigh-resolution photoelectron and Auger electron spectroscopy of gaseous samples. (GPES)
General UsersIon time-of-flight mass spectrometry of gaseous samples. (GPES)
General UsersX-Ray Absorption of gaseous samples, measured in the Total Ion Yield mode. (GPES)
General UsersPhotoluminescence spectroscopy of solid samples in the wavelength range 1.4um-200 nm. (PLES)
General UsersMeasurement of Photoluminescence excitation functions at fixed emission wavelengths as well as reflection spectra from polished surfaces of solid samples. (PLES)
General UsersTemperature dependencies of luminescence properties of solid materials in the temperature range from 10 K up to 350 K. (PLES)
General UsersPhotoelectron-Photoion Coincidence (PEPICO) spectroscopy of gaseous samples. (GPES)
Commissioning expertsX-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of surfaces and interfaces in the UHV. (SSES)
Commissioning expertsAngle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of 2D materials and condensed matter physics. (SSES)


Primary beamline contact:

Available forTechnique/facility description
General UsersBeamline: Linear horizontally polarized light from LPU, with energy range 40-1500 eV. Spot on sample both defocused (0.5-1.5 mm) and focused (from 50x15 um to 150x40 um in different end stations).
General UsersSurface- and Material Science (SMS) branch: High-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) on solid samples using SES-2002 analyzer and 4-axis manipulator; X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS or NEXAFS) using total and partial electron yield.
General UsersLow Density Matter (LDM) branch: High-resolution PES on LDM samples using R4000 analyzer with the following sample delivery systems (samples must be approved by chemical safety group):
- Liquid jet setup for e.g. aqueous solutions
- Molecular jet source (continuous beam) for experiments on cold beams of atomic and molecular gases
- Gas cell for PES experiments on atomic and molecular gases


Primary beamline contact: Andrey Shavorskiy

Available forTechnique description
General UsersCatalysis Cell

Allows APXPS of a solid-gas interface up to 10 mbar. Used for catalysis and surface science experiments
General UsersPM-IRRAS

Allows APXPS and FTIR on the same spot up to 1 mbar. Used for catalysis and surface science experiments
General UsersLiquid/Electrochemistry Cell

Allows APXPS of a solid-liquid (dip-and-pull setup) and gas-liquid (liquid jet setup) interfaces up to 30 mbar for electrochemistry, energy, environmental, and atmospheric science experiments.


Primary beamline contact: Alexei Zakharov

Available forTechnique description
General UsersSPELEEM in the soft X-ray range
(only very limited time available during the Sept 2019 - Feb 2020 period)


Primary beamline contact: Alexander Björling (coherence and diffraction), Ulf Johansson (X-Ray Fluorescence)

Available forTechnique description
General UsersScanning X-ray diffraction and coherent imaging in the Bragg geometry
General UsersForward ptychography and CDI
General UsersX-Ray Fluorescence mapping in 2D
General UsersForward ptycho-tomography (under development, not all samples are suitable, please contact beamline team to discuss feasibility before proposal submission)


Primary beamline contact:

Available forTechnique description
General usersAPXPS using the standard cell

Available for APXPS experiments up to 20 mbar. Used for catalysis, oxidation studies, and surface science experiments.
General usersAPXPS using the ALD cell

Available for in-situ ALD experiments for pressures up to 20 mbar.
General usersRIXS using the GRACE spectrometer. Solid samples only. LN2-sample cooling available, 4-axis manipulator.


Primary beamline contact: Conny Såthe

Available forTechnique description
General UsersUser roll-up at the open port branch. Only approved equipment (contact beamline)