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Legend and content used to organise and identify sessions and presentations.


The oral contribution were mainly expected and assessed for the presentations on the Tuesday 26th parallel sessions: either as Users research and highlight or Developments and forward looking presentations and discussion. In order to allow for a wider representation of users and topics we are hosting 5 parallel sessions on Tuesday 26th. All the sessions will include invited and submitted contributions.

The 5 parallel session in the morning will cover users research and highlight from MAX IV. The 5 sessions are grouped by methods, techniques or science communities.

The focus of the 5 parallel sessions in the afternoon is on developments and forward looking presentations and discussion. The themes of the 5 sessions are taken from the current science driven strategy draft.


26M > Morning, 26 October. Users research and highlights. 

26M-Soft I

26M-Soft II 26M-Hard I 26M-Imaging


1,5 GeV ring results

I) Soft X-ray BLs:
LDM users

1,5 GeV ring results

II) Soft X-ray BLs.
APXPS users

3 GeV ring.


3 GeV ring.

II) Imaging beamlines. NanoMAX



3 GeV ring

III) Structural biology users


26A > Afternoon, 26 October. Developments and forward looking presentations and discussion.




Energy material and technologies Quantum and advanced materials Tackling environmental challenges Operando Studies for Industry


Health and medicine


26A-EMT: Energy material and technologies

26A-QAM: Quantum and advanced materials

26A-TEC: Tackling environmental challenges

26A-OSI: Operando Studies for Industry
The session will discuss different in-situ and in-operando experiments and capabilities needed for the future at MAX IV in order to support the needs from industry. The session will have a focus on hard materials such as metals and energy materials

26A-HM: Health and medicine


Please find more details on the contributors table.


Contributors table

sessiontimeSpeaker & link to abstractSience communityBeamline, tecniqueStrategy chapter
26A-QAMDirk van der MarelInfra red spectroscopy Quantum and advanced materials
26A-QAMGabriella AnderssonQuantum and advanced materials
26A-QAMLingjia ShenQuantum and advanced materials
26A-QAMNeil Wilsongraphene and device based structuresmicroscopy and spectroscopQuantum and advanced materials
26A-QAMPhilip Hofmann Spectral function of In Operando. ARPESARPESQuantum and advanced materials
26A-TEC13:00TEC strategy work overview (working group) 
26A-TEC13:15Invited speaker 1 “Environmental sciences”  
26A-TEC13:40Invited speaker 2 “Atmospheric sciences” 
26A-TEC14:05Invited speaker 3 “Sustainability” 
26A-TEC15:00Nonne PrisleFinEstBeAMS, FlexPES, HIPPIE, SPECIES, Veritas, CoSAXS, BioMAX, ForMAX, MAXPEEM, NanoMAXTackling environmental challenges
26A-TEC15:15Calle PregerFinEstBeAMSTackling environmental challenges
26A-TEC15:30Michiel Op de Beeck (LU) “At the interface between fungal cells and soils” 
26A-TEC15:45Karin Limburg (ESF) & Yvette Heimbrand (SLU) “Fishes as mobile monitors of  worsening conditions in the Baltic Sea” 
26A-TEC16:00Carin Sjöstedt (SLU) “Improved knowledge on metal speciation in soils to optimise risk  assessment and remediation of contaminated areas” 
26A-TEC16:15Helena Filipsson (LU) “Messages from the past oceans to inform about the future:  synchrotron-based approaches” 
26A-TEC16:30Shun Yu (RISE) “TBA -  Something with fibers production, food, carbon materials” 
26A-TEC16:45Break leg stretcher  
26A-TEC17:00Discussion 30 min 
26A-TEC17:30End of session 
26M-ImagingPeng Li Bragg ptychographNanoMAX
26M-ImagingLucas Marcalnano-XRD, ptycho and/or strain mappingNanoMAX
26M-ImagingAdam HitchcockSTXM & ptycho!SoftiMAX
26M-Soft I08:30Alberto Garcia-FernandezPESFlexPESEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft I08:45Fernando Garcia/Enrique OrtegaPESFlexPESEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft I09:00Xianjie LiuPESFlexPESEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft I09:15Rebecka LindbladPESFlexPESEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft I09:30Vasili KhaninLuminescenceFinEstBeAMS/Lum
26M-Soft I09:45?RIXS maybe
26M-Soft I10:30Maksim KiselevLDMFinEstBeAMSUltrafast science
26M-Soft I10:45Mati KookLDMFinEstBeAMSEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft I11:00Eetu PelimanniLDMFinEstBeAMSTackling environmental challenges
26M-Soft I11:15Stacey SörensenLDMFlexPESDynamics
26M-Soft I11:30Oksana TravnikovaLDMFinEstBeAMSOther
26M-Soft I11:45Arnaldo Naves de BritoLDMFlexPESTackling environmental challenges
26M-Soft II08:30Ekta RaniPEEMMAXPEEM
26M-Soft II1970-01-01 08:45:00Virginia BoixPEEMMAXPEEM
26M-Soft II09:00??Lars-Åke Näslund APXPSSPECIES
26M-Soft II1970-01-01 09:15:00Sebastian SvanströmAPXPSSPECIES
26M-Soft II09:30Jan KnudsenAPXPSHIPPIEEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft II09:45Irene GrootAPXPS
26M-Soft II10:30Natalia MartinAPXPSHIPPIEEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft II10:45Heloise TissotAPXPSHIPPIEEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft II11:00Oleksii IvashenkoAPXPSHIPPIEIndustry
26M-Soft II11:15Eoghan RattiganAPXPSHIPPIEEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft II11:30Giulio D'AcuntoAPXPSHIPPIE and SPECIESEnergy material and technologies
26M-Soft II11:45Ida KällquistAPXPS
PosterMinna PatanenLDMFinEstBeAMSDynamics
26M-SBLotta Happonen (LU)BioMAXHealth and medicine
26M-SBSwati Aggarwal (ESS)BioMAXHealth and medicine
26M-SBJan Wollenhaupt (HZB)
26M-SBRobert Schnell (Karolinska Institutet)
26M-SBHelena Danielson (Uppsala Uni)