Navigation guidelines

The proposal submission is done in 7 steps listed at the top of the Proposal submission form and shown in this image:


  • The step marked in green is the step you are currently editing. Underlined steps are those that have been either completed or visited.
  • You should complete the different steps in order, starting with the step 1 (general part), however, once a step is completed and saved, you can still go back to any previous step in the list by clicking on it and modify it if you want.
    • This allows you to save your work and return any time so that you do not have to complete your proposal in one session. I other words, you can save the proposal at any time and at any step and leave DUO. Main proposer and co-proposers can access the proposal and edit it. To continue editing your proposal at a later time, please use the function ”Edit / Delete a partially complete proposal” on your DUO startup page.
    • Do not forget to save your modifications before changing pages.
    • Only after you have completed the last one: Step 7. Submit proposal, it will not be possible to modify the proposal.


  • Each page has different navigation options:
    • Save & Continue will save your work and take you to the next step in the Proposal submission form.
    • Save & Return later will save your work and return you to the startup page.
    • Cancel will return you to the startup page without saving any new modifications done on the current page.


  • Input fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. Pages with such fields can only be saved if all mandatory fields are filled in.
  • DO NOT USE the back and forward buttons of your browser to navigate inside DUO.
  • Remember to logout from the DUO system.


The DUO interface contains menus and explanations through its different pages. Further details and other tips on the DUO interface and submission guidelines, including FAQs, are collected here. The file will be updated as need it.