The Future of Formulation Development – Using Synchrotron Light

Event Dates: 2017-09-27 to 2017-09-28   

The Future of Formulation Development – Using Synchrotron Light

Do you know how to obtain key information from your formulations using synchrotron light?

Synchrotron light has been used in the last decades to study formulations manufactured by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry. The use of synchrotron light has allowed characterizing liquid and solid formulations, i.e. fingerprinting compounds and quantifying traces of polymorphs in a solid tablet formulation, and characterizing variants in biopharmaceuticals. Moreover, the presence of last generation synchrotron facilities as MAX IV (Lund, Sweden) will definitely bring the research in these areas beyond the limitations faced nowadays.

This is an intensive two-day course including hands-on, which will be held in English at MAX IV Laboratory. The course has a focus on the interaction between industry interested in obtaining an insight into characterization of formulations and last-generation synchrotrons as MAX IV.

The aim of the course is to answer the questions: “Is synchrotron light useful to get a better understanding of my formulation? If so, how should I perform an experiment if I am not familiar with these methods?” Thus, this course will provide participants with the understanding of the key information obtained by using synchrotron light to better understand a solid or liquid formulation.

This is a course combining science and applications of the use of synchrotron light within formulation science. Thus, it is aimed at R&D Managers, industrial specialists and project leaders at companies, as well as university researchers, who want to learn how they can make use of and benefit from synchrotron light within formulation science.


Day 1 (@ MAX IV):
• Basics on scattering (light, X-rays and neutrons)
• X-rays in formulation science
• Examples of the use of SAXS in formulation science
• Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD)
• Scattering instruments at MAX IV
• Visit to MAX IV facility

Course dinner

Day 2 (@ Kemicentrum):
• Hans-on labs
• Route from questions to results
• Panel session on how to perform a measurement at a
synchrotron, key aspects and challenges

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