SCIENTÍFika hosting Dr Jack Lin (University of Oulu)

Event Date: 2021-04-19  

SCIENTÍFika hosting Dr Jack Lin (University of Oulu)

We warmly invite you to participate in a new series of scientific seminars organised by the User Office at MAX IV, Lund University

Where – Virtual format by Zoom call
When – Mondays 13:45 CET
Format – 30 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes of discussion, chaired by MAX IV staff


Monday 19 April 2021, 13:45 CET
Water uptake at low relative humidity onto atmospherically relevant nanoparticles studied with APXPS

Speaker: Dr Jack Lin, Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit, University of Oulu, Finland
Host: Dr Esko Kokkonen, manager at SPECIES beamline

Keywords: serial ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (APXPS); atmospheric aerosols; atmospheric chemistry; water

The interaction between particulate matter and water is important to several atmospheric processes, including atmospheric chemistry and cloud formation, that have an impact on climate, air quality, and the water cycle. Traditional atmospheric measurement techniques that rely on detecting changes in mass or volume are not sensitive to the adsorption of water at low relative humidity (RH). We used APXPS to study laboratory generated nanoparticles of atmospheric interest at 0-16% RH. Our results suggest the possibility of water adsorption to the particle surface even at RH well below deliquescence which has implications for atmospheric chemistry.



We look forward to see you online and hope you enjoy the talk!


Full Programme of the series available here.