SCIENTÍFika hosting Dr Pablo Villanueva Pérez (Lund University)

Event Date: 2021-06-21  

SCIENTÍFika hosting Dr Pablo Villanueva Pérez (Lund University)

We warmly invite you to participate in a new series of scientific seminars organised by the User Office at MAX IV, Lund University

Where – Virtual format by Zoom call
When – Mondays 13:45 CET
Format – 30 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes of discussion, chaired by MAX IV staff


Monday 21 June 2021, 13:45 CET
Current and future X-ray imaging capabilities of MAX IV

Speaker: Dr Pablo Villanueva Pérez, Associate Senior Lecturer, Synchrotron Radiation Research, Lund University, Sweden
Host: Dr Maik Kahnt, scientist at NanoMAX beamline

Keywords: Coherent X-ray imaging, high-brilliance sources, 3D and 4Dimaging

MAX IV is the first diffraction-limited storage ring in operation. The high coherent flux or brilliance provided by diffraction-limited storage rings opens the opportunity to explore nature in ways not possible before. A technique that exploits the unique brilliance of MAX IV is coherent X-ray imaging.

In this talk, we will discuss the current coherent X-ray imaging capabilities of MAX IV by exploiting the nanofocus provided by NanoMAX. Specifically, we will present in-line holography and holotomography and its potential use as a stand-alone or correlative-microscopy technique. Furthermore, we will present future imaging capabilities of MAX IV by introducing X-ray multi-projection imaging (XMPI). XMPI is a novel imaging that can film in 3D natural processes 100 times faster than current 3D X-ray imaging techniques by exploiting single MAX IV X-ray pulses. XMPI will be developed in collaboration with DanMAX, ForMAX, and the European XFEL.


We look forward to see you online and hope you enjoy the talk!


Full Programme of the series available here.