SCIENTÍFika hosting Dr Camilla Coletti (Center for Nanotechnology Innovation, Italy)

Event Date: 2022-01-31  

SCIENTÍFika hosting Dr Camilla Coletti (Center for Nanotechnology Innovation, Italy)

We warmly invite you to participate in the SCIENTÍFika series of seminars organised by the User Office at MAX IV

Where – Virtual format by Zoom call 
When – Monday 13:45 CET
Format – 30 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes of discussion, chaired by MAX IV staff


Monday 31 January 2022, 13:45 CET
Synthesizing high-quality 2D materials: from surface science to the industry of tomorrow

Speaker: Dr Camilla Coletti, 2D Materials Engineering Group Leader, Center for Nanotechnology Innovation @NEST, Italy
Host: Dr Alexei Zakharov, manager at MAXPEEM beamline

Keywords: graphene, 2D materials, photonic applications, chemical vapor deposition, twistronics and van der Waals heterostacks

Graphene is a material with great potential for photonic applications. To make it realistically appealing at high technology readiness levels (TRLs) a feasible way to scale-up high-quality material with bottom-up synthetic approaches has to be found. In this talk, I will present our approaches in this direction and how we adopt surface and interface science to impact science and technology of 2D materials. I will present different wafer-scale growth approaches of high-quality graphene via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and show how this material can be straightforwardly integrated on existing photonic platforms. Furthermore, I will present results on the field of twistronics and van der Waals heterostacks, which are an exciting playground for fundamental studies.




We look forward to see you online and hope you enjoy the talk!


Full Programme of the series available here.