Important information in connection to COVID-19

Information for users, visitors, contractors and staff in connection to COVID-19 – updated 19 March 2020

No person is allowed to enter MAX IV who has been outside Sweden within the 14 days prior to entering MAX IV.

  • In addition, no non-essential visits and visits of any groups of 5 or more are allowed. Exceptions for important (committee) meetings or workshops will be decided on a case by case base.
  • You must stay away from the lab if you have the slightest respiratory symptoms or fever, even if you firmly believe that you only have an ordinary cold.
  • From now on, our reception has reduced opening hours from 08:00 – 12:00. Between 12:00 – 16:30, the reception can be reached by telephone +46462229872 and email .
  • Do not make advance travel arrangements that cannot be canceled. Register all beamtime participants to a session and apply for access cards as participant in DUO as early as possible, so we know you are coming. Make sure your telephone number in DUO is up to date.
  • We expect, due to absence caused by sick leave, quarantine measures, school closure etc that we have to cease or reduce operation of one or several beamlines on very short notice. That can happen during a beamtime. In addition, service may be reduced.
  • Attend beamtimes with the necessary number of people, but not more. We discourage any beamtime participation of persons not strictly necessary to run the experiment (for training purpose, theory collaborators, press officers etc.)


Our priorities in this crisis are to keep our staff, users and contractors healthy and sane, contribute to societal solidarity by slowing down the spreading and protecting vulnerable people and at the same time secure user operation as much as reasonably possible. We are painfully aware that every cancelled beamtime has a severe impact on a project, a PhD thesis or a career. We receive a lot of questions about rescheduling / new beamtime. In the current situation, we are unfortunately not able to make any advance commitments. You don’t need to resubmit, we will consider all cancelled proposals in the same way. We promise to carefully assess the situation regarding cancelled beamtime as soon as we can get to an overview assessment. We will discuss how to handle affected projects with the PAC and promise all affected (main) proposers an individual decision at a later stage, but not likely before autumn. This applies for all projects affected by the pandemic.

Please contact / +46462221415 with any concerns or questions that you have.