External Research Seminar: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Image Analysis: Segmenting and Characterizing Complex Samples at Scale

Event Date: 2017-11-17  

Hosted by Rajmund Mokso Kevin Mader from 4Quant will tell us about smart ways to analyse big data. Abstract The diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer has been drastically improved by new imaging methods which generate over 1 billion pixels per patient where single spots can drastically influence the diagnosis and treatment. For physicians this means

Translational Seminar: New Tools for Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation in Research and Innovation Programmes

Event Date: 2017-11-16  

MAX IV Internationalisation: Openness to the international scientific community has been a principle since the early days of MAX-lab. A particular example have been researchers from the Baltic Sea region. At MAX IV this tradition continues with the FinEstBeAMS collaboration for which funding is provided by Estonia and Finland. During the comming days the FinEstBeAMS