There are two types of beamtime at MAX IV: general access beamtime and proprietary beamtime. 

Proprietary beamtime

Proprietary beamtime is a type of access tailored to industry needs. It is offered as:

  • Single purchase (covering one specific project); 
  • Framework agreement for repeated access. 

Proprietary beamtime grants:

  • Full confidentiality;
  • IP control over the produced data, with the possibility to retrieve all measurements once the experiments are completed;
  • Faster access to beamtime (ideally within a month from the application confirmation);

To purchase proprietary beamtime at MAX IV

Contact Industrial Relations Office chevron_right

For an overview of how to apply for proprietary beamtime

Explore the step-by-step user guide chevron_right

If you are a small or medium enterpriseyou might be eligible for the CALIPSOplus programme. CALIPSOplus is an organisation that facilitates access to world-class accelerator-based light sources in Europe and in the Middle East. Read more about it on CALIPSOplus website.

CALIPSOplus website chevron_right

General access beamtime

Planning to work with academic partners and publish your data in peer-reviewed journals? Apply below.

General access beamtime chevron_right