In the context of a university course, a training workshop or some other activity that could benefit from training and education beamtime at MAX IV, Here is the form that must be completed, uploaded and submitted from the DUO system. For more details on how to apply, see below our suggestions.

How to proceed to apply for Training and education beamtime

1) Have a look to the Training and education form to be aware of the input we need to collect from you.

2) Contact MAX IV, through the user office or the beamline staff,  in good time in order to initiate discussions to:

  • agree on which beamline would be best suited for your needs,
  • establish what kind of experiment is suited for the course/workshop,
  • what amount of beamtime is required,
  • how much support from the staff is needed,
  • the time frame in which the course will take place.
  • any aspects connected to the expectations from the activity, the plan for the practical implementation or its feasibility.


3) Login into the DUO System to submit your Training and education proposal. This access modality will be implemented in 2021.

Training and education beamtime proposals procedure:

  • There are two Training and education beamtime calls per year:
    • spring call for beamtime to take place between August and December
    • autumn call for beamtime to take place between January and June
  • The proposals will be evaluated by the stablished review panel
  • Results will be communicated to the proposer after 6 weeks
  • Participants, samples, safety protocols such as safety training and scheduling of beamtime will be administered through the DUO system.
  • The list of training and education proposal and beamtime will be listed on the web.


The MAX IV Laboratory can dedicate 2 % of its overall beamtime to the MAX IV Educational Platform.