MAX IV Laboratory staff and resources have already been involved in different educational initiatives: Schools, courses, hands on trainings, and so on. It is of great interest to continue doing it as well as to promote, organize and participate in further training and education actions. This mission is open to endless opportunities if one thinks of it from a global approach. In practice we need to start by acting locally through concrete well defined actions.

The current MAX IV commitment in Training and Education can be found in the MAX IV Laboratory Education Policy 2015

At or by MAX IV

Here we gather information related to scientific events such as seminars, talks, workshops, courses, etc. taking place at MAX IV or organized by MAX IV. This includes:

  1. Periodic events
    • R&D. Twice per month seminars given by MAX IV staff and open to the staff and users.
    • Seminars MAX4life Monthly seminars given by invited speakers and open to the staff and users.
  2. Single Scientific events organized by MAX IV or in which MAX IV is involved.
  3. Visits to the MAX IV premises of users or users-to-be
  4. Request for ‘educational’ beam time at MAX IV. Up to 2% of the MAX IV overall beam time