Organized by MAX IV and Chalmers University of Technology.


When: 21st – 29th May, 2018

Where: Backagården and MAX IV Laboratory

Registration is open until March 16th 14:00 CET


Scope of the School

The aim of the school is to provide graduate students with a good understanding of synchrotron facilities and why are they such a useful tool for research. To that end, the students will attend lectures, do exercises and hands-on sessions at MAX IV and engage in follow-up discussions. In addition to providing a good overview of the main instrumentation and methods aspects of such large scale facility, the school aims at emphasising the MAX IV new imaging capabilities and high coherence.

The school offers a valuable opportunity for the students to start building a network with other students, with the lecturers and the participating MAX IV scientists.




Confirmed speakers:

Ana Diaz, PSI
Vincent Ferndandez, ESRF
Pedro Fernandes Tavares, MAX IV
Rolf Follath, PSI
Arno Hiess, ESS
Per Johnsson, Lund University
Ana Labrador, MAX IV
Kevin Mader, 4Quant
Ann Terry, MAX IV
Marjolein Thunissen, MAX IV
Christoph Quitmann, MAX IV


Registration and other practicalities

Students must have or create and indico account to register, this can be done here prior to continue with the registration following that link.

The number of participants is limited to 30 students.
The selection will be based on the student´s letter of motivation that must be included in the registration. The student´s motivation letter should estate their research engagement and their interest towards synchrotron radiation. The students are also requested to present a poster about (a project from) their PhD. Priority will be given to students in the early stage of their PhD and we aim at having a group of selected candidates representing a good distribution in research topics.

The school has no fees.