The MAX IV Laboratory can dedicate 2 % of its overall beamtime to the MAX IV Educational Platform.  If you have a university course or training workshop that could benefit from beamtime at Max IV you can submit a proposal for obtaining such beamtime. In order to obtain the beamtime, you will need to contact beamline staff in good time to discuss the course/workshop first. This will help to establish what kind of experiment is suited for the course/workshop, what amount of beamtime is required, how much support from the staff is needed and the time frame in which the course will take place.  If you are not sure which beamline would be best suited for your needs, you can contact the user office and we will help you in finding the appropriate beamline and staff members. After this first contact you will need to make a proposal. A template for such a proposal can be found here. The finished proposal can be submitted through an email to . A proposal should be submitted at least 6 months before the course will take place.  After submission, your proposal will be reviewed by our management within 2 months and a decision will be made. After a positive decision, your proposal will be transferred to our DUO system and the time scheduling will take place. Participants, samples and safety protocols such as safety training will be administered through the DUO system.


Educational beamtime proposals procedure: