The MAX IV Laboratory can contribute to science and development in numerous ways. As highly specialized methods and techniques are used, it can be difficult to know when and how MAX IV can be valuable to solve your problem. For this reason MAX IV has developed a MAX IV Education Platform (MEP) to promote education and training. The MEP includes a number of diverse educational and training instruments to help to know and understand the use of the facility. The MEP also states the MAX IV commitment to dedicate 2% of its overall beamtime to education and training at MAX IV. In this context an open call for proposals that require beamtime within education and training has been established. Further information can be found at the training and education proposals webpage. 


Many of the education and training instruments included in the MEP are organised by external partners with the full collaboration of MAX IV. Some of these instruments are:

  • Summer and Winter Schools. These are week long courses on either general methods or specialised topics. Theoretical lectures are combined with hands-on experience at the beamline. The MAX IV Laboratory has a long tradition in engagement in the Summer Schools within Synchrotron Radiation. The current Summer School 2020 – MAX IV in Focus has been postponed until further notice, due to the COVID-19 crisis. More information will be updated in MAX IV Summer School – MAX IV in Focus
  • MAX IV Education/Training for Industry. Tailored courses aimed at specific industrial applications are organised.
  • MAX IV Education/Training for Educators. Courses aimed specifically for highschool and university teachers are an excellent way to increase the knowledge on MAX IV and can be an efficient way to introduce new methods into the broader scientific community. The laboratory has a long-standing experience with Teacher Days which has had a positive outcome for both the facility and the participants.
  • MAX IV support for university courses and industry training courses. MAX IV can contribute to university and industry training courses through lectures given by MAX IV staff or by giving an opportunity for a hands-on experience at MAX IV such as the Protein Chrystallography course organised in collaboration with SLU and Uppsala Univeristy. 
  • E-learning and Webinars. On‐line tools that support traditional form of training. A collection of you-tube videos produced by MAX IV is available. These include amongst others, longer webinars on “How MAX IV Works”  and “Introduction into Protein Structure” (both in Swedish).


In addition to the MEP there are also possibilities for University Education at Lund University:



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