Training and education beamtime (T&E) is relevant in the context of a course, a training workshop or some other activity on which its main purpose is to encourage and provide an authentic scientific inquire experience at MAX IV.

Training and education is one access mode included under the “General User Access” program. The MAX IV Laboratory Education Policy 2015, states that up to 2% of the overall beamtime could be allocated to this access mode.

T&E proposals follow a similar procedure from call for proposal, proposal submission, peer-review evaluation, reporting and feedback. The MAX IV User Guide outlines the main steps of becoming a user at MAX IV. That also applies for the Training and Education beamtime. You might find useful to have a look into the Find your Beamline website.

Here below we highlight a few important differences on the preparation and submission of the T&E proposals.

Preparing for the T&E proposal

T&E proposal can perfectly be focused on a specific hands-on demonstration of a particular aspect within some technique. Here, to move a step further on the students engagement, we suggest few tips on how you could involve the students and together prepare your T&E proposal and increase your chance of success.

The same idea is also reflected on the updated T&E Proposal template.

Keep group small. Three or four students per group is recommended.

Bigger groups should be discussed with the user office and the beamlines for a careful planning of the experimental activity, involving, for example, splitting the participants in smaller groups.

Engage the students as much as possible and from the start, on aspects that you might find relevant such as:

  • research topic to address,
  • experimental method to use,
  • procedures to submit a proposal,
  • sample preparation,
  • data collection strategy
  • data analysis and interpretation
  • reporting and dissemination of results

Download and fill in the T&E template form

The form is to be uploaded when completing your T&E proposal through the DUO System


Please contact the user office or the beamline staff in good time for a good collaborative proposal.

Discuss experimental requirements, feasibility, and safety:

  • Which experimental setup will be used?
  • How much beamtime is required?
  • How much support from the staff is needed?
  • What’s the preliminary suggestion for the beamtime?
  • Any other expectations from the beamline and the group

Depending on the kind of experimental activity, you and the students might consider to engage collaborative resources. That could be additional help, for example, with the sample preparation or data analysis. This does not need to be part of the beamtime on-site at MAX IV.

The main proposer and those you want to include as collaborators in the proposal should have a DUO account in preparation for the next step– which is the proposal submission from the DUO System

Go through all the proposal steps. Below are a couple of hints to remember:

  • Research area: Training and education
  • Select one or more beamlines
  • Upload the training and education form

Note that the scientific merit is not taken into account in the evaluation of T&E proposals

MAX IV User Guide

Now you are ready to follow the steps for the proposal submission as outlined on the User Guide

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