The MAX4MINT activity is targeted to 8th-grade students and their teachers. With support from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), this program offers the possibly of visiting MAX IV, learn what it is, why it is useful and how it could be relevant in the students’ careers. The program is a great opportunity for 8th grader students to learn more about large scale research infrastructure, especially in synchrotron research area.

The MAX4MINT project aims to increase students’ choice of MINT (STEM) topics: mathematics, engineering, natural science and technology. This MAX IV initiative, to reach out grundskola students in year eight, before they chose  specialisation for upper secondary school, had received limited funding from Vetenskapsrådet (VR).

MAX4MINT scopes

The program is aimed to exploits and nurtures the curiosity of the public and the importance of educating our future generations.

  • The program facilitate a visit to MAX IV for 8th grade grundskola students from Skåne and south Blekinge.
  • The schools are offered travel support to the extent that the financing allows.
  • The number of students per visiting group would vary according to resources availability. The aim is to receive between 20 and 30 students per class.
  • The number of invited groups will be determined by the facility resources.
  • One aim is that the groups/schools represent a good geographical distribution.

The interested 8th grade teacher should send a completed interest form to

We run the visits Mondays and Thursdays with a Morning 9:00 – 11:30 and an Afternoon 12:30 – 15:00 Slot

In the form you can let us know, which day and time would best suit your students.

Once we have received the form we will have your contact details to initiate with you the practical arrangements.

We will work on a first-come first-in basis.

The organisation for each invited group/class includes:

  1. Preliminary conversations between the teacher and MAX IV.
  2. The teacher introduces MAX IV to the student. For example using some of the material/videos available from MAX IV. (see box #6)
  3. We will discuss together with you the viability of a pre-visit to your class a few days before the 8th grade class visits Lund. This would be about 45 minutes to each 8th grade class. The purpose is to ‘break the ice’  and create an atmosphere that encourages the students to be curious about the Synchrotron light at MAX IV.
  4. We’ll set a date for your visit to MAX IV. The visit duration would vary between 2 or 3 hours and it could  take pace on the morning or on the afternoon.
  5. We’ll provide you information on how you would get your trip reimbursed.
  6. During the visit the group is divided in smaller groups. Each subgroup will be accompanied at all times with one MAX IV host and with one representative for the school.
  7. Each subgroup will participate in few stand’s activities (magnetism, vacuum, the synchrotron user game,…) and on a guided tour around the experimental hall meeting the infrastructure experts.
  8. Finally we will collect feedback on the visit experience, outcomes and a follow up before the end of the school period.

Language: The visit will be conducted primarily in Swedish but also english with some of the international staff.

Strongly recommended in preparation for the visit:

  1. Möt ELO- din ciceron till MAX IV laboratoriet
  2. ELO – your cicerone to MAX IV Laboratory
  3. Infographics: How MAX IV works
  4. Documental on MAX IV applications in research, for “nearly every field of science”: MAX IV – with the mission to make the invisible visible. Here is the Wallenberg site.

Complementary information

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Smart city Sweden – best practice: MAX IV

Bonus: MAX IV-Lab has played a small role in the science fiction TV series Spegelvänd. Here is the Spegelvänd trailer

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