The MAX IV User Meeting awardees are listed below.
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Awarded NameResearchBeamline/TechniqueAwarded AfiliationAwardUser Meeting year
Harald Johan WallanderThe dynamic behavior of Sn during catalytic CO oxidation on Sn/Pt surface alloysHIPPIEMalmö UniversityMAX IV Student Science AwardCollaboration in Focus2022
Lert ChayanunNanowire devices for X-ray detectionNanoMAXLund UniversityMAX IV PhD Thesis awardMAX IV in Focus2021
Igor MarkovićInterplay of spin-orbit coupling and crystal symmetries in the electronic structures of NbGeSb and Ca3Ru2O.BLOCHUniversity of St AndrewsMAX IV PhD Thesis awardMAX IV in Focus2021
Francesco ArmillottaTwo and four e- ORR routes: H-bonding and the elusive hydroperoxyl intermediateHIPPIEUniversity TriesteMAX IV Student Science AwardMAX IV in Focus2021
Smita GangulyPhotodissociation of carbon dioxide clustersLund UniversityMAX IV Student Science AwardMAX IV 2020 & 20302020
Jalil ShahAtomic and electronic structures of two-dimensional layers on noble metals. BLOCH, ARPES Linköping University University MAX IV PhD Thesis awardMAX IV 2020 & 20302020
Xiaocui WangTime‐Resolved Diffraction Studies of Structural Dynamics in SolidsFemtoMAXLund. Faculty of Engineering, LTHMAX IV PhD Thesis Developing MAX IV: with the users, for the users2019
Susanna HammarbergStrain mapping of nanowire device using scanning XRDNano LundMAX IV Student PosterDeveloping MAX IV: with the users, for the users2019
Niclas JohanssonSynchrotron-based in situ electron spectroscopy applied to oxide formation and catalysisXASLund University. MAX IV PhD Thesis The 30th MAX IV User Meeting - Coherent Visions2018
Isabella Silva BarretoNano-imaging of mineralization in developing long bones using XRF an WAXSLund University. MAX IV Student Poster2018
Jonas EngqvistMechanical behaviour of glassy polymers: experiments and modellingI911- SAXSLund University. Department of Construction Sciences. Solid MechanicsMAX IV PhD Thesis 2017
Katarina KoruzaMAX IV Student Poster2017
MAX IV Innauguration2016
Wael AwadGlypican-1: Structural and functional analysis of the N-glycosylated human proteinI911-MXLund UniversityLooking back... & fordward2015
Kirsten Ørnsbjerg JensenWatching Materials Form:
Particle Formation and Growth in
Hydrothermal Synthesis
I711-powder diffractionAarhus UniversityNordic X-Ray Science Days2014
Ditte Hededam WelnerStructural Studies of a NAC Transcription FactorI911-MXDept. of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.One thousand and one nights2013
Tomas StankevicNiels Bohr InstituteOne thousand and one nights2013
Olesia Snezhkova Electron spectroscopy study of adsorption of Iron phthalcocyanine on bare and nitrogenated Cu(111)Lund UniversityMAX IV Student Poster award24th MAX IV Annual User Meeting2011