User meeting students awards

MAX IV Laboratory continues with our annual practice aimed at motivating, empowering and connecting young researchers. Two awards have been established to recognize the outstanding work of students and PhDs whose research has been, fully or partially, performed at MAX IV Laboratory.
The awardees are invited to present their work alongside with the plenary speakers at the MAX IV User Meeting.

MAX IV Student Science award

The MAX IV Student Science award was established in 2010. Initially it was named MAX IV Student Poster award. The award included a monetary prize, the equivalent of 5000 SEK and the opportunity to present the awarded work during the user meeting. The award was sponsored  by SPECS.

MAX IV PhD Thesis award 

The MAX IV PhD Thesis award was first established in 2013. The awardee is invited to give an oral presentation at the plenary session. The award consisted of a unique statuette created at MAX IV (the MAX-Lab Oscar). Since 2019, a monetary price, the equivalent of 5000 SEK, has became part of the award. A special sponsorship from Dectris resulted in 8000 SEK for the awardee in 2019.

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