The MAX IV User Office provides central support for all workshops and conferences organized by MAX IV scientists and other staff.
A number of conferences and workshops takes place with recurrence while others take place in response to a specific demand.

MAX IV at Swedish universities workshops

MAX IV triggered in 2021 a new initiative with the aim of visiting virtually and when possible in person Swedish Universities. The visits will be organised in a format of a customized workshop whose content will be defined by the specific areas of interest of the researchers at the hosting institution. We will display an overview of the facility and the different modes of access, explaining the steps needed to be granted beam time. Our beamline scientists will present an overview of the techniques performed at the facility and show examples of science cases that have been handled previously. We hope to reach with these events new potential users without previous experience with synchrotron characterisation to show them the potential of the facility and how can their research benefit from MAX IV. Moreover, we aim to engage existing users to discuss key points necessary for preparing a successful proposal that will allow them to be granted beam time. The participants will have the opportunity to interact with our staff, pose questions and discuss specifically the analysis that can be performed with their samples.

The aim of this initiative is to create a new channel that will allow MAX IV to work hand in hand with the user community and will be an opportunity to increase the number of national users, contributing to the overall excellence of Swedish science.

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