MAX IV is dedicated to continue building and strengthening the network surrounding MAX IV and its user community regarding excellence in synchrotron science methods and research. To establish and achieve where MAX IV should be by 2030, the strategic research directions and beamline developments must be envisioned, hand in hand, with tailored education and outreach activities. This will only thrive through collaborative initiatives that ensure well-connected stepping-stone environments at universities and institutes while increasing collaboration with industry and other stakeholders.

MAX IV is a partner in different networks and projects. On the collaborations page you can see the full list of current ongoing collaborations. In this page we highlight, in alphabetical order, partnership in networks and projects which have education and outreach efforts relevant to MAX IV openly stated on their strategy.

DanScatt provides funding for travels to experiments and provides advice for new users. It supports the Danish memberships in ESS, E-XFEL, ESRF and ILL, as well as strategic collaborations with PSI and MAX IV.

One of the DanScatt primary recommendations is the
strategic use of MAX IV and PSI as facilities that play a crucial role in relation to volume, training of new users, regional initiatives, and support of the strategic and industry-related research.

One of the aims of InfraLife is to increase the knowledge about the three research infrastructures ESS, MAX IV and SciLifeLab through tailored information and educational activities targeted at researchers within academia, health care and industry. In addition to new cross-sectorial educational and training activities, the goal is to open up existing courses to broader audiences and participation for external participants will be facilitated.

For more information about current educational and/or training activities organized by InfraLife or any of our partners, please click here

Hanseatic League of Science (HALOS) is a new EU project in the program area Öresund-Kattegatt-Skagerak (ÖKS) interreg that started 1st of February 2019. HALOS will build a unique collaboration between Hamburg and South-West Scandinavia, bring together the four unique research facilities MAX IV, ESS, DESY and European XFEL, and create a centre for integrated, world-leading Life Science innovation and research.

HALOS internship offers Are you a student, PhD or postdoc? Apply now in our HALOS Research Internship Programme to gain cross-border experience.

On this page you can find a selection of courses co-organized by HALOS as well as other courses related to the use of high tech facilities in the ÖKS-region. The courses aim to train students, researchers and technicians how to access the high tech facilities as well as to prepare samples for imaging experiments

HALOS webinar series – an online forum for industry and academia to discuss and learn about synchrotron and neutron applications in life science and innovation.

LINXS is an advanced study institute whose mission is

Educational Material. This is a collection of informational resources from events organised by LINXS, or contributed by our community

Metalbeams is a platform aimed at increasing the metal industry’s ability to effectively utilize ESS, MAX IV, Petra III and other large-scale facilities by stimulating collaboration between industry, institutes and academia.

Northern Lights on Food (NLF) advances science to create sustainable food systems for health and wellbeing.

The Northern Lights on Food network provides food researchers with the opportunity to build unique excellence to take full advantage of the new research tools available at the European Spallation Source, ESS and MAX IV Laboratory in Lund. These tools are anticipated to lead to new knowledge and cutting-edge technology and innovation for the food industry, which can in turn strengthen the long-term competitiveness of the Swedish food sector to meet the objectives related to sustainable development. experts.

Engage in our events and webinars to learn more about our projects and research on food.


MAXESS Industry Arena is an evolving national initiative supporting and facilitating industrial use of the large-scale research infrastructures MAX IV and ESS, and the associated eco-system. MAXESS Industry Arena facilitates partnerships between experts and industrial users through, case studies, networking events as well as guided introductions to the industrial advantages of neutron and synchrotron tools. For example: Metalbeams,

Learn by example! Industry case studies to learn how other companies have benefit from using X-rays and neutrons to improve their products and processes.