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Information for users, contractors and other visitors

latest update 28 May 2020

  • MAX IV follows the recommendations and regulations from Lund University, which can be found here. Please note, especially if you are a user at MAX IV, this implies:
    • That all international visits are cancelled until further notice. We are currently investigating conditions under which we could adopt a more flexible yet safe policy in this regard.
    • That it is for users from Sweden up to the user home institution to decide if travel to MAX IV is safe and in accordance to the recommendations of public health authorities. Work environment responsibility for users rests with their employer first and foremost, as does the obligation to follow FHM’s recommendations. MAX IV can not take any formal role in encouraging or discouraging this decision, other than constantly adjusting its local rules to ensure that staff and users can move safe, and according to recommendations, when on-site, including below:
  • You must stay away from MAX IV laboratory if you have the slightest symptoms, even if you firmly believe that they are not related to Covid-19.
  • Non-essential visits (other than user visits, such as study visits, student visits) or visits by groups larger than 5 are not allowed.
  • We discourage beamtime participation by people not strictly necessary to run the experiment, in order to limit physical contacts.


  • MAX IV Reception has reduced opening hours and is open 08:00 – 12:00. Between 12:00 and 16:30, please call +46462229872 or email reception@maxiv.lu.se for assistance.
  • Register all participants planned for a beamtime session and apply for access cards as a participant in DUO as early as possible, so we know you are coming. Make sure your telephone number in DUO is up to date. Do not make advance travel arrangements that cannot be cancelled.
  • Please note: MAX IV may cease or reduce the operation of one or several beamlines on short notice.



Please contact  / +46462221415 with any concerns or questions that you have.e