Internal MAX IV projects

  • Microfluidic cells to Balder and CoSAXS
  • Beam-stop diode to CoSAXS
  • Motion-control test bench for testing of trajectory scanning using IcePap controllers
  • Temperature measurement on sample heater at FlexPES
  • Maintenance of sample-transfer system at FlexPES
  • Robots for sample manipulation and detector movement to Balder
  • Cryogenic test bench for materials testing down to 10K

External collaboration projects

  • Collaboration with Division of Materials Microstructure, Chalmers University of Technology: Nano-mechanical testing device to MAX IV (to be first used at NanoMAX). In-situ mechanical testing of nano-sized objects will be possible a using commercial nano-indentation system that will be adapted to beamlines at MAX IV. The system will also be compatible with electron microscopes at Chalmers.
  • Collaboration with Division of Production and Materials Engineering, Lund University: An adhesiometer for in-situ testing of hard cutting-tool materials will be installed at Balder beamline. XAFS will be measured during high-speed spinning of a sample against new cutting tools.