The Beamline Project Office (BPO) is part of the Beamline Office group and coordinates the design and installation of beamlines at MAX IV – from the very early stage of forming a concept to the first light on a sample. The construction of each individual beamline is carried out as a project with a project manager. The project manager is responsible for the development of technical solutions to reach the scientific goals within the allocated time and budget.

Apart from having a supervising and coordinating role for these projects, BPO serves as the spokesperson for the beamlines towards other parts of the MAX IV organisation. BPO also supports the project managers by establishing standards and processes as well as allocating internal and external resources.

An important role of BPO is the coordination of the procurement, design and engineering of installations and components that are similar across many different beamlines, such as insertion devices, front ends, radiation safety hutches, infrastructure and X-ray optics.


  • Yngve Cerenius, Group Leader Beamline Office, coordination of activities relating to front ends and radiation safety
  • Andreas Lassesson, coordination of beamline installations and activities relating to X-ray optics
  • Giulia Orlando, beamline maintenance planning and coordination
  • Annika Jerrebo, coordination of beamline installations
  • Peter Fuesz, floor coordinator (currently acting head of the Safety group)



  • name Yngve Cerenius
    title Project Coordinator & Group Manager BPO