At the Scanning Probe Microscopy lab we aim at resolving the exact atomic arrangement of the surfaces and/or structures on the surfaces, or at least their detailed topography, using primarily scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Since recent, we are able to work in a non-contact atomic force microscopy mode (NC-AFM), too.

Access to the SPM-lab: primarily in conjunction with granted beamtime.

In the ‘call for proposals’ (22 Aug – 17 Sep 2019), access to the SPM lab will be discussed only after acceptance of your proposal. From the next call onwards, we strive to include SPM-lab access as an extra option during the proposal submission process. For any inquiries, or if you would like to access the SPM-lab outside of granted beamtime projects, please contact Nikolay Vinogradov.

Our in-house research revolves mostly around two-dimensional materials (grapheneborophene, etc.), and bottom-up fabrication, e.g. nanoribbons. The latest research highlights, both in-house and external, may be found at the highlights page, accessible also via the side menu.

NB: Our system is UHV-based (ultra-high vacuum, p<1E-10mbar), meaning that no liquid environment around the sample can be allowed (see sample requirements… section). Gas use is restricted and should always be discussed well in advance. AFM measurements may be performed in the non-contact mode only, no “tapping”. We strive for routinely available atomic resolution in the STM (conventional/dynamic), atomic resolution in AFM is not guaranteed.

In the side menu, detailed information about lab capabilities, available services, and recent activities can be found.