Overview of basic parameters:

Undulator: EPU61 with 41.5 periods and a period length of 61 mm.

Energy range: 30-1500 eV

Polarization: Horizontal (currently), circular, vertical, other angles (not commissioned)

Gratings: Place for 3 gratings. Initially one Au coated 1221 lines/mm and one Ni coated 250 lines/mm gratings are installed. The Ni coated grating offers higher flux in the 200-600 eV range at the expense of resolving power

Energy resolution: R = 10 000

Flux: 10^13 to 10^11 photons/s

Beam spot size: 100 µm x 100 µm at APXPS branch, 5 µm x 25 µm at RIXS branch