Samples are mounted in air at room temperature. For measurements in the reflection geometry, standard SEM specimen holders (12.7 mm diameter with 3.2 mm pins) are provided. Our standard supports for transmission geometry measurements (type A and B) are shown below. Any other sample support that is compatible with our sample scanner can be used. If a different sample support is needed, contact the beamline staff before proposal submission or well in advance of an approved experiment.

Light and compact sample environments may be accommodated if it is provided by the user group and agreed with the beamline staff. An example is shown below. For a successful application, contact the beamline staff to discuss feasibility before submitting a proposal.

Standard sample support pin type A.
Standard sample support pin type B.
NanoMAX Diffraction Instrument Overview
KB mirror cage, goniometer, and microscopes
Detailed view of the NanoMAX sample area
Standard sample environment, with the support pins mounted on the 3-axis scanners.
Example of a custom sample environment. This light and compact cell allows coherent Bragg imaging under electrochemical conditions.
NanoMAX Nanoindenter
Example of a custom sample environment. This nanoindenter allows for in situ nano-diffraction experiments.
Example of a custom sample environment. This diamond anvil cell allows measuring diffraction from sub-micron crystallites under extreme pressure.