The hard X-ray nanoprobe of Max IV – NanoMAX – is designed to take full advantage of MAX IV’s exceptionally low emittance and the resulting coherence properties of the X-ray beam. The use of diffraction-limited optics allows producing tightly focused coherent beams enabling imaging applications at unprecedented resolution.


Available forTechnique description
General UsersScanning X-ray diffraction and coherent imaging in the Bragg geometry
General UsersForward ptychography and CDI
General UsersX-Ray Fluorescence mapping in 2D
General UsersForward ptycho-tomography (under development, not all samples are suitable, please contact beamline team to discuss feasibility before proposal submission)


A Coherent Approach to 3D X-ray microscopy

High-resolution 3D X-ray imaging is essential for many fields of science. It lets us study the intricate inner works of everything from integrated circuits to bone and microfossils. In a recently published paper, the authors describe the first ptychographic X-ray computed tomography experiment performed at the NanoMAX beamline. A porous nickel inverse opal structure was