The MAXPEEM beamline (top figure) consists of an elliptically polarizing undulator as a light source (EPU 58), a collimated plane grating monochromator (SX-700) with corresponding focussing and re-focussing optics (ellipsoidal M4 mirror), and ACLEEM microscope as the end station. It will be possible to build another branch into this beamline by inserting an additional focusing mirror into the beam path. The other branch will have its own permanent exit slit and refocusing optics designed for the special needs of that particular end station. The spot size at the sample position (bottom figure) in the XPEEM branch is around 18(h) x 15(v) mkm2 (with 0.15 exit slit opening vertically and horizontally) and can be reduced down to approximately 15(h) x 4(v) mkm2 or increased by defocussing (up to 50 x 50 mkm).