LDM team

The LDM team at MAX IV is not connected to one specific beamline but is affiliated with all LDM-relevant beamlines with the aim to collaborate on various activities and projects (for example: equipment development projects, planning new research avenues, funding applications, communication with our community, etc).

NameResponsibilities / Research InterestsContact information
Dr. Noelle Walsh
Team Leader LDM team, Scientist &
LDM Coordinator at MAX IV

Responsibilities ICE end station: system owner/manager; TRISS project: project manager/system owner, LDM (Low Density Matter) instrument development; Coordination of - and support to - the MAX IV LDM community.

Research Interests
Cluster research; Molecular research; Multi-coincidence experiments; Instrument development; Ion trapping.
Tel: +46-730 72 94 68

Dr. Rebecka Lindblad

(MAX IV / Uppsala University)
Responsibilities Collaborator on TRISS project.

Research Interests Small molecular ions; clusters; synchrotron radiation research; ion trapping.
Dr. Najeeb Punnakayathil
Postdoctoral Researcher
Responsibilities LDM commissioning activities

Research Interests Molecular and cluster research.
Dr. Calle Preger Postdoctoral Researcher

Responsibilities Development and commissioning of Aerodynamic lens sample delivery system and aerosol research at MAX IV.

Research Interests Aerosol technology; nanoparticle research.
Tel: +46 70 396 07 46

A new 2-year postdoctoral position will open soon!


LDM staff at MAX IV LDM relevant beamlines:


BeamlineNameResponsibilities /
Research interests

LDM team
Dr. Maxim Tchaplyguine

LDM Branch responsible at FlexPES (LDM-branch maintenance and user support).

Research Interests
Cluster/Nanoparticle fabrication and characterization by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Tel: +46-737 66 41 17


LDM team
Dr. Gunnar Öhrwall

Responsibilities Development of the soft x-ray chopper for the LDM-branch at FlexPES; implementation and development of liquid jet setup at the LDM-branch photoemission endstation.

Research Interests
Liquid-vapour and liquid-solid interfaces studied with X-ray spectroscopies; Instrument development.
Tel: +46-733 51 86 89


LDM team
Dr. Antti Kivimäki
Responsibilities FinEstBeAMS beamline manager.

Research Interests
Photoelectron spectroscopy, Positive ion-Negative ion Coincidence spectroscopy.
Tel: +46-70 263 8383

VeritasDr. Victor Ekholm
Responsibilities Operative beamline manager of Veritas

Research interests Background in molecular physics using both XPS and RIXS for studying gases and liquids. Main interests are in solute-solute interactions in aqueous solutions
Tel: +46-730 74 56 02

FemtoMAXDr. David Kroon
Responsibilities Responsible for the femstosecond laser lab at Femtomax and for coordinating the LDM program at the beamline

Research interests Time resolved pump/probe photo electron spectroscopy at gas phase samples
Tel: +46-761 17 92 86

SPECIESDr. Esko Kokkonen
Development and support of the SPECIES APXPS endstation

Research Interests
Ambient pressure XPS and its use for studying the solid-vapour and liquid-vapour interfaces as well as instrument development in the field
Tel: +46-724 53 92 14

HIPPIEDr. Mattia Scardamaglia
User support, maintenance of liquid jet, installation of Liquid/EC cell

Research Interests
Ambient pressure XPS, photoemission spectroscopy and spectromicroscopy, low dimensional materials (graphene, 2D materials, carbon nanotubes), catalysis
Tel: +46-702 70 41 77