PurposeTo enable photoemission measurements on catalytic and surface science type systems at mbar pressure range
DescriptionSmall volume (1 L) cell with controllable gas supply. Standard setup for general users.
Base Pressure 2 x 10-9 mbar
Sample manipulationX, Y, Z
Normal Emission. 55 deg synchrotron beam incidence (beam to surf normal)
Pressure range5 x 10-10 - 30 mbar
HeatersDirect laser (CW, 1080 nm)
Up to 600C in 30 mbar (sample holder dependent)
PID controlled
CoolingEthanol chiller. Down to ca. 0 C
Sample holder typeOmicron flag style
Sample sizemax 8 x 8 mm
Probe of inlet and outlet gas composition
Analyser apertures0.3 mm
Gas dosing
(available 2018-I)
up to 8 individual gases (by user request) and their mixture. Fully automatic gas dosing system
Max flow rate30 sccm (one gas)
ManipulationX, Y, Z.
NE, 55 deg incidence (to surf. normal)
AvailabilityAvailable for general users