Sport Size60 µ x 60 µ
Pressure range for XPS measurements2 x 10-10 to 30 mbar
AnalyzerScienta Hipp-3 with SWIFT acceleration mode
Energy range310 eV - 2000 eV
Ambient Pressure CellsCatalysis/General Purpose (Available now)
Liquids/Electrochemical (available 2018-II)
Off-line catalytic reactor (available 2018-II)

The HIPPIE end station is designed for Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (APXPS) offering the possibility of recording photoemission spectra at pressures up to 30 mbar. The endstation consists of an analysis chamber equipped with a hemispherical Scienta-Omicron HiPP-3 electron energy analyser. An ambient pressure experimental cell (AP Cell) can be docked to the analyser for ambient pressure experiments. When the AP cell is retracted UHV experiments can be performed. The analysis chamber is also equipped with a  Bruker PM-IRAS instrument (available in 2018-II) for simultaneous recording of APXPS and PM-IRAS; likewise, the composition of gas/vapour introduced in the AP cell and pumped out from it can be monitored by mass spectroscopy. Further the end station contain a preparation chamber, load lock, and UFO distribution chamber.

Analysis chamber

Base Pressure5 x 10-10 mbar
Sample manipulationX, Y, Z, Rot
X-ray Sources1. EPU 53 from MAX IV 3 GeV ring.
2. Scienta XM1000, Al Ka, 1486 eV, E/∆E = 10000, spot size 1 x 3 mm, 200 W max power
PM-IRRAS source
(available in 2018-II)
Bruker Vertex 70 in-vacuum PM-IRRAS spectrometer with PM module for gas phase subtraction
Heating Type (UHV)E-beam (up to 1200 C) and Resistive (C/BN, up to 600 C) heaters operated by PID controller
CoolingCooling Water


TypeScienta Hipp-3 analyser capable of recording XPS at pressures up to 50 mbar
Energy Resolutionbetter than 10 meV
Spatial resolution< 10 µm
DetectorCCD camera
sampling rate17 Hz
120 Hz
ModesTransmission (with Swift acceleration)
Angular (18 deg acceptance)

Ambient Pressure Cell

Base Pressure 2 x 10-9 mbar
Sample manipulationX, Y, Z
Normal Emission. 20 deg synchrotron beam incidence
Pressure range2 x 10-9 - 30 mbar
HeatersDirect laser (CW, 1080 nm)
Up to 600C in 30 mbar
PID controlled
CoolingEthanol chiller. Down to -40 C
Sample holder typeOmicron flag style
Sample sizemax 8 x 8 mm
Probe of inlet and outlet gas composition
Analyser apertures0.1 mm, 0.3 mm
Gas dosing
(available 2018-I)
up to 8 individual gases (by user request) and their mixture. Fully automatic gas dosing system
Max flow rate30 sccm
ManipulationX, Y, Z.
NE, 20 deg incidence

Preparation chamber

Base Pressure2 x 10-10 mbar
Sample manipulationX, Y, Z, Rot
Sputter GunPrevac IS 40C1
Heating Type E-beam (up to 1200 C) and Resistive (C/BN, up to 600 C) heaters operated by PID controller
Deposition SourcesMetal evaporator (Omicron)
User-defined. Available ports CF 40, CF 63
QCM BalancePrevac TMC13 / TM14
RGAMKS Microvision 2
Up to 300 amu
Deposition SourceBy request

Load Lock and Storage Chamber

Base Pressure 2 x 10-10 mbar (Storage Chamber)
Sample HolderOmicron flag style
Sample size8x8 mm2
Storage6 inside Load Lock + 6 inside Storage Chamber
Transfer time< 1 min