ForMAX will allow multiscale structural characterization of hierarchical materials, such as wood and novel wood-based materials. This will be achieved by combining full-field microtomography (μCT) on microscopic length scales with small-and wide-angle x-ray scattering (SWAXS) on nanoscopic legth scales. Moreover, the temporal resolution will be sufficient to follow material processing in situ.

In terms of x-ray flux, ForMAX will have two modes of operation. In monochromatic mode, the x-ray flux will be > 1013 photons per second on the sample. For imaging with high temporal resolution, multilayer optics will provide a polychromatic x-ray beam with up to 1015 photons per second on the sample. The main optics will provide a beam size on the sample ranging from a few ten μm to 1.5 mm, but secondary optics in the experimental station will allow beam sizes down to a few μm or up to several mm.