ForMAX’s experimental station is currently in design, manufacturing, and installation phase. In order to provide flexibility in terms of different experimental techniques, it will consists of the following main components:
  • Two beam conditioning units, including slits, beam diagnostics equipment, and two sets of compound refractive lenses to achieve either a larger or smaller beam spot at the sample position. 
  • A sample table with a 200 mm vertical translation range and a 200 kg load capacity.
  • A motorized detector gantry, that allows the user to move the WAXS detector and tomography microscope in and out of the x-ray beam path.
  • A 9 m long, evacuated SAXS flight tube, with a SAXS detector inside on a motorized XYZ trolley.
The experimental station is an in-house design, tailored to the specific needs of ForMAX’s user community.

ForMAX is equipped with a number of state-of-the-art detectors:
  • An EIGER2 X 4M SAXS detector from Dectris.
  • A specially designed Lambda 3M WAXS detector from X-Spectrum, with a hole in the center to pass through the direct beam and the SAXS signal.
  • A dual-camera tomography microscope from Optique Peter. The CMOS cameras are still to be purchased.

Sample manipulation:
Dedicated sample stages for different experimental techniques:
  • A modular stack of sample stages for tomography experiments from Lab Motion.
  • Modular stacks of sample stages for different types of SWAXS experiments.