The FlexPES (Flexible PhotoElectron Spectroscopy) beamline is a user facility for a wide range of photoemission and soft X-ray absorption experiments in different sample environments and with different focusing conditions. Up to four endstations can be accommodated on the two branches of the beamline simultaneously, providing users with a variety of techniques, different sample environments, detectors and sample handling facilities. One branch will be used for UHV experiments on solid samples; it will host an upgraded endstation from the former D1011 beamline, as well as a free port for a second experiment. The other branch will be dedicated to research on low-density matter. Here, the endstation from the former I411 beamline will be used for XPS and XAS experiments on gases, liquids and free clusters, and the development of a modular mobile gas phase endstation for electron-ion coincidence experiments is currently underway. Some endstations will be movable, allowing for more flexible experimental configurations. Opportunities for user-defined experiments will also be available.

Techniques High-resolution XPS and XAS, resonant photoemission (ResPES) and angle-resolved valence band spectroscopy (ARPES), electron-ion coincidence experiments
Beam Size From 50 um to 2 mm
Energy Range 40 to 1500 eV
Time Scales Seconds
Samples From solid surfaces, thin films, adsorbates, nanostructures to free clusters, gases and liquids