First Total Ion Yield  spectrum measured at FinEstBeAMS Gas-phase endstation. Ring current was 135 mA. Nominal slit size was 50 micrometers.

On picture from left, Antti Kivimägi, Kirill Chernenko, Liis Reisberg and Rainer Pärna. From picture we are missing Vladimirs Pankratovs and Prof. Edwin Kukk.



The first emission spectrum of the Ce3+ in YAG under beam excitation measured at FinEstLUMI endstation by Vladimirs Pankratovs and Kirill Chernenko.



First nitrogen time-of-flight mass spectrum measured by Prof. Edwin Kukk at FinEstBeAMS Gas-phase endstation.



The FinEstBeAMS is the first beamline that received photons from 1.5 GeV storage ring.

On picture from left, Antonio Barteliese, Vladimirs Pankratovs,  Antti Kivimägi and Maximilain Faust. From picture we are missing Liis Reisberg.



Paper describing FinEstBeAMS deign has been published in Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A.

“FinEstBeaMS – A wide-range Finnish-Estonian Beamline for Materials Science at the 1.5 GeV storage ring at the MAX IV Laboratory”.




Spectrometers of gas-phase endstation are tested.

Spectrometer and cryostate of photoluminescence endstation are tested



FinEstBeAMS Beamline has been mounted.