Gas-phase endstation (GP endstation) is designed for gas phase targets and samples with high vapour pressure, not suitable for ultra-high vacuum conditions. The endstation is portable. The main instrument is the Scienta R4000 Electron Spectrometer that is re-equipped with a position-sensitive fast detector to performing photoelectron-photoion coincidence measurements. The instrument can be used for high resolution electron spectroscopy or in combination with detectors for other particles. Second instrument is a momentum imaging multi-hit-capable ion Time-of-Flight (TOF) spectrometer, which is designed for particularly this purpose. The coincidence set-up will be controlled by tailored software.

The downstream setup can be exchanged for a chamber that can host various user instruments.

The endstation will be designed to accommodate a variety of sample preparation systems, provided by the FinEstBeAMS consortium, as well as by external users. Initially, gas inlet systems and solid target vaporisation set-ups will be provided. GP endstation is presented below.













Gas-phase endstation at FinEstBeAMS.