The FemtoMAX beamline is dedicated to time-resolved experiments.

Beamline contact: Website, beamline staff, Jörgen Larsson (, mobile: +46 725 17 54 54)


Currently available are the following items:

  • 800 nm pump laser
  • 3-10 keV X-rays
  • 80 Gs, 36 GHz oscilloscope
  • <2 ps timing accuracy (jitter between laser and X-rays)
  • 2 Hz operation


Work in progress:

  • Undulator scanning
  • 10 Hz operation
  • Pulse duration and pulse jitter monitoring on 100 fs level.
  • Extending pump and probe spectral range
  • Detector commissioning
  • Procurement of MCP-PMT


Expertise for the following tasks is looked for in this call:

  • Experiments where the fluorescence from different samples are measured with 100 ps temporal resolution following short X-ray pulse excitation.
  • Studies of thin samples from 2D materials (graphene, ML-graphene, MAX-phase materials etc.) with limited (a few ps) temporal resolution


Limitation of the first call: Until a permit has been approved we cannot operate at higher repetition rates than 2 Hz. Our anticipation is that this will allow for feasibility tests only, but not for scientific production.

We expect the typical duration of one feasibility test to be about 2 weeks.