On this page you will find an overview of the X-ray optics that have been designed for DanMAX. You can read more about the beamline and the optics in the detailed design report (version 2.0) here: DanMAX_DDR_v2.pdf (26 MB).


danmax_layout_cartoon_v2_imaging_widee danmax_layout_cartoon_v2_pxrd_highe


The DanMAX undulator is designed to have a maximum brilliance of 35 keV. A 3 m in-vacuum undulator with a short period has been chosen which will deliver 35 keV radiation from the 13th harmonic. You can download the IVU and accelerator parameters in SPECTRA format here.

The undulator has been delivered to MAX IV by Hitachi Metals Ltd. and has passed the ‘Site Acceptance Test’. The undulator will be installed in the accelerator during the summer of 2019.

TypeIn-vacuum hybrid undulator (IVU16)
Magnetic materialNMX-S41EH+Dy Diffusion/VP
Pole materialVanadiun Perndur
Magnetic Length3 m
# of Periods187
Period16 mm
Minimum magnetic gap4 mm
K max1.66
Total power at minimum gap and 500 mA ring current~11 kW
Power in 100h×100v µrad2 (the Front End acceptance)
at minimum gap and 500 mA ring current
~1 kW



The optical components will be delivered by FMB Oxford Ltd. The preliminary layout is illustrated below.

The optics will transmit a beam energy of 15–35 keV with two different energy resolution modes; high intensity–low resolution (ΔE/E ~ 10-2) and high resolution–lower intensity (ΔE/E ~ 10-4).

The beam can be focused, collimated and even expanded using compound refractive lenses made from Be.

3D CAD model of the MAX IV standard alignment screws to be used in optics stands can be downloaded here.

Front end mask35h×35v µrad2
Low-E filterFixed watercooled diamond
Narrow energy bandpass monochromatorCryo-cooled double bounce Si111 crystal monochromator with fixed exit (ΔE/E ~10-4)
Wide energy bandpass monochromatorWatercooled double bounce multi-layer monochromator with fixed exit (ΔE/E ~10-2)
Collimating and focusing opticsBe compound refractive lenses in both the optics hutch and the experimental hutch