The detailed design of the beamline is still in development. Therefore, the description below is based on the current design concepts and is subject to change.


danmax_layout_cartoon_v2_imaging_widee danmax_layout_cartoon_v2_pxrd_highe


The DanMAX undulator is designed to have a maximum brilliance of 35 keV. A 3 m in-vacuum undulator with a short period has been chosen which will deliver 35 keV radiation from the 13th harmonic.

TypeIn-vacuum hybrid undulator (IVU16)
Magnetic materialNMX-S41EH+Dy Diffusion/VP
Pole materialVanadiun Perndur
Magnetic Length3 m
# of Periods187
Period16 mm
Minimum magnetic gap4 mm
K max1.66
Total power at minimum gap and 500 mA ring current~11 kW
Power in 100h×100v µrad2 (the Front End acceptance)
at minimum gap and 500 mA ring current
~1 kW



The optics will transmit a beam energy of 15–35 keV with two different energy resolution modes; high intensity–low resolution (ΔE/E ~ 10-2) and high resolution–lower intensity (ΔE/E ~ 10-4).

The beam can be focused, collimated and even expanded using compound refractive lenses made from Be.

Front end mask100h×100v µrad2
Low-E filterFixed watercooled diamond
Narrow energy bandpass monochromatorCryo-cooled double bounce Si111 crystal monochromator with fixed exit (ΔE/E ~10-4)
Wide energy bandpass monochromatorWatercooled double bounce multi-layer monochromator with fixed exit (ΔE/E ~10-2)
Collimating and focusing opticsBe compound refractive lenses in both the optics hutch and the experimental hutch