The first user call for powder diffraction experiments using the are detector instrument is expected in the Fall of 2020.

DanMAX is primarily funded through Danish sources, however, the beamline is accessible through the MAX IV general user program.

Further information on user calls for DanMAX will be updated here.



When publishing any material arising from work carried out at MAX IV, do not forget to acknowledge MAX IV and our funders. This obligation applies to both infrastructure personnel and researchers using the infrastructure.

The following acknowledgment statement is to be used in all cases: “We acknowledge MAX IV Laboratory for time on Beamline DanMAX under Proposal [xxxx]. Research conducted at MAX IV, a Swedish national user facility, is supported by the Swedish Research council under contract 2018-07152, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems under contract 2018-04969, and Formas under contract 2019-02496”.

Furthermore, please ask your local contact for specific acknowledgements of the funding sources of DanMAX. DanMAX is funded by: Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Denmark. The Capital Region, Denmark. Central Denmark Region, Denmark. Technical University of Denmark. Aarhus University, Denmark. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. MAX IV, Sweden.

The fluorescence detector is sponsored by the Carlsberg foundation, please ask your local contact for the exact acknowledgement if you publish any material arising from work carried out with this detector.