The instrument and this page is under construction – here you will soon be able to find more details about the DanMAX end station instrumentation, available detectors, available sample environments and how you can interface your own sample environments.


The experimental hutch at DanMAX will host three instruments:

Imaging: Full field imaging with various contrast modes

PXRD2D: In situ and operando experiment using an area detector

PXRD1D: High (enough) resolution diffractometer using an array of microstrip detectors.

You can read more about the powder diffraction instruments in the Detailed Design Report for PXRD here: Diffraction_DDR_v2.pdf.


Detectors at DanMAX:

DetectorTypeMaximum frame rateActive areaResolution in pxPixel sizeNotes
DECTRIS PILATIUS3 X 2M CdTeCdTe based hybrid pixel array detector - photon counting250 Hz253.7 x 288.8 mm21475 x 1679 (h x v)172 x 172 µm2
RaySpec SiriusSD + XIA FalconX8-1Single element silicon drift detector for XRF and FalconX digital pulse processor65 mm2 (collimated 50 mm2 ) 1The XRF detector is on loan from the Birkedal group at Aarhus University, Denmark and made available through grant CF18-0802 from the Carslberg Foundation.


Available sample environments:


Building / interfacing your own sample environments to DanMAX: