DanMAX is a materials science beamline, dedicated to in situ and operando experiments on real materials. The beamline will operate in the 15–35 keV range and have three endstation instruments: one for full field imaging instrument, one versatile powder diffraction setup using an area detector and a high resolution powder X-ray diffraction instrument using a microstrip detector.

DanMAX is primarily funded through Danish sources, however, the beamline is accessible through the MAX IV general user program.


Available forTechnique description
General UsersPowder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) in Debye-Scherrer geometry using 2D area detector in the energy range from 15-35 keV.
General UsersPXRD: Sample spinner in horizontal and vertical geometry. Rotation stage in vertical geometry.
General UsersPXRD: Sample temperature from 90 K to 500 K
General UsersPXRD: Stand-alone sample user-designed environments. Only pre-approved equipment – contact beamline staff.
General Users2D PXRD and XRF mapping using continuous and step scans.
General UsersTotal scattering, SDD~95mm, E=35 keV, Qmax~20Å^1.


DanMAX is funded by:

  • Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Denmark
  • The Capital Region, Denmark
  • Central Denmark Region,
  • DenmarkTechnical University of Denmark
  • Aarhus University, Denmark
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • MAX IV


Online industry event: Virtual Characterisation Day 2021

Are you an industry R&D leader or researcher with an interest in the latest developments within Big Science? On November 3rd 2021 you are welcome to join the online event Virtual Characterisation Day – Big Science, organised by danish company FORCE Technology. Listen to a field of experts – one of them being MAX IV’s

Virtual Characterisation Day