Information for the Commissioning Expert User Call (2020-02-20):

CoSAXS is a hard X-ray SAXS/WAXS beamline on the 3GeV ring at MAX IV. In autumn 2019, the commissioning of the beamline optics was started. During spring 2020, the beamline installation will be completed and full commissioning can begin. The photon energy available at CoSAXS during commissioning experiments from autumn 2020 will be limited to 12.4 keV, with an accessible q-range from between 1×10-3 to 0.5 Å-1. Most sample environments will be in air.

Commissioning experiments are sought to help in the development and testing of many of the capabilities at CoSAXS (although some experiments may be planned for 2021). Due to the high brilliance of CoSAXS, many samples will need to be under flow or move to avoid radiation damage. Please consider pre-characterisation of all samples, their stability and sensitivity to radiation damage, where appropriate.

Expertise and experience relevant to commissioning the following capabilities on CoSAXS are welcomed:


Basic SAXS sample environment for liquids and solid samples (room temperature)

Autoloader and flow through capillary cell for solutions


Time-resolved (> 10 msec)

Time-resolved (10 msec > t > 10-1 msec)

Temperature studies dedicated sample environment (-195 to 300 oC)

Stopped flow experiments

Testing of coherent applications (for example, limited-XPCS of slow dynamics in a hard colloidal system)

Combined SAXS/WAXS measurements

SURF (combined spectroscopy and X-ray scattering)

Scanning SAXS

Microfluidic sample environments


  • Fixed energy of 12.4 keV (DCM Si111).
  • SAXS detector is the Eiger2 4M.
  • Q-range will cover 1 x 10-3 to 0.5 Å-1 (requiring multiple detector positions).
  • WAXS detector will be available from 2021.
  • A number of sample environments are offered.
  • Most sample environments will be at ambient pressure.
  • No gas handling will be available at the sample position.