Current status

Certain features of the beamline and endstations are still actively being worked on.
Take these comments into account when planning your experiment


Photon energy
  • Specifications: 10-1000eV
  • Comments: Commissioned for high flux 10-250eV for high. 250-1000ev possible through EPU wiggler mode with reduced flux.
  • Specifications: 4 gratings, 4000 lines/mm for cNIM mode and 92, 800 and 2400 lines/mm for the cPGM mode.
  • Comments: 800 lines/mm grating installed and commissioned. 92, 2400, 4000 lines/mm grating installed not commissioned.
  • Specifications: Fully elliptically polarising undulator
  • Comments: Horizontal and vertical linear polarisation commissioned. Circular polarisation under commissioning.
  • Specifications: < 20K at sample position
  • Comments: 18K achieved at sample position using high LHe flow. 30K stable temperature with resonable LHe flow.
Variable sample temperature
  • Specifications: Stable variable temperature between 20K-300K at sample position
  • Comments: 30K achievable using LHe, 80K using LN2 and RT without cooling attached. Variable temperature possible during LHe cooling with counter heating coil at cold tip.
  • Specifications: 3D Spin ARPES.
  • Comments: Part of second end station, under commissioning.
Higher order suppression
  • Specifications: Quasi periodic undulator, solid state filters and gas filter.
  • Comments: Only Quasi periodic undulator is commissioned and available for higher order suppression.