Getting access

The most recent proposal call for Bloch closed on 2021-02-02. The next call will open in August 2021 and cover beamtimes for the period March-August 2022 (See:

The spinARPES B-branch at Bloch is currently in the commissioning phase and not yet accepting proposals.

Regardless of the proposal situation, we encourage anyone with ideas for experiments to get in touch (). It is occasionally possible to perform short, unscheduled feasibility checks on unknown samples in order to support a future proposal.

Writing proposals

Bloch is oversubscribed, so proposals should be compelling and carefully written in order to be chosen by the advisory committee. Users are always welcome to send proposal drafts to the beamline staff ahead of the deadline if feedback is desired.

A standard beamtime allocation at Bloch begins 0900 Wednesday and ends 0900 the following Monday. When writing proposals, request and plan for 30 shifts (4 hours/shift, 6 shifts/day, 5 days).

We encourage users to arrive before the beamtime officially begins, in order to make all necessary preparations and be ready to start measuring as soon as the beam becomes available.

Support facilities

Optical microscopeAvailable (SMZ745T)
Blank sample plates in Al or OFHC CuAvailable
Conductive epoxyAvailable (Epotek H21-D)
Top posts for cleavable samplesNOT provided
Hot plates and microgram scalesAvailable
Ultrasonic solvent cleaningAvailable
Wet chemical processing (acids/bases)Available with advanced notice
UHV evaporatorsAvailable with advanced notice (EFM-3, EF 40C1)