The B-branch is currently in the installation and commissioning phase, and is expected to open for initial expert user experiments during Q1 2022. Specifics of the timeline, performance and setup are subject to change!

The beamline optics for the B-branch of Bloch are essentially identical to those of A-branch, but here the experimental endstation offers spin-resolved ARPES.

The analysis chamber is equipped with a PHOIBOS 150 hemispherical analyzer from Specs, with a combined 2D-CCD for regular ARPES and 3D-VLEED for spin resolution. This analyzer is capable of electronic deflection to simulate a polar rotation without moving the sample. The expected energy resolution with the CCD detector is <5meV, with angular resolution <0.1°.

Measurement of all three spin vector components is accomplished with a single Ferrum VLEED detector combined with a magnetic spin-rotator lens.

Work is underway to construct and deploy a 6-axis cryomanipulator, which will run on the same model of closed cycle LHe cryostat as the A-branch.

Sample preparation by cleaving, sputtering, heating or evaporation is possible.